Awesome Things To Know About Internet Of Things

We are discussing the internet of things is a complete IOT system integrates basic components are sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing and user interface.

The IOT Stand for Internet of Things is describing about the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of other things, processes, and environments. In internet of things all equipment or devices connected with the internet and connected to each other.

What is internet??

The Internet is a network of multiple computers that connect any computer in the world through routers and servers. The connection established between two computers through TCP / IP Protocol is called internet.

How you are reading this post right now? It might be on desktop, on mobile, maybe on tablet, but whatever device you’re using, it’s most definitely connected to the internet.

Internet is the largest network in the world. Today use of internet everywhere in any sectors like Business, Banking, Education, Technology, Entertainment and Communications etc  its very difficult to imagine life without internet because today internet has solving many problems by using IOT technology.

What is Internet Of Things(IOT)?

Internet of things meaning is that concept to work will be automatically and smart way. so we are going to discuss about what is internet of things.


Internet is wonderful things think about your cell phone before how we were using  Reading Books , listing songs and watching movies and

now how you read any book, watch any movie and listen any songs and capture photos that is in your Smartphone that is use of internet.

The best example to Internet of things (IOT )devices are smartphones, washing machine, headphones, speaker, lamps and wearable bands etc. if we want to know examples of internet of things

suppose you are Sleeping and any problems in your health and you are using IOT device like wearable Band it is in your hand then Band will track and monitor your health then if any problems then band will message or notification to nearest hospital and also share location to hospital if any emergency.

Suppose if you are forget  to lights off of home and now you are out of your home then you can light off/On by your smartphones by using IOT devices

There are many examples of internet of things  that can be connected to the device and can be connect to the internet  are given below.

Wearable’s-Smart Watches, Smart Glasses, smart Bands etc

Homes-TV, Water Purifiers, Washing Machines, Lamps, AC, Camera, Freeze etc….

Audio-Speaker, Earphones, etc…

With the help of internet of things, When something is connected to the internet, that means that it can  send information or receive information, or both. This ability to send and receive information makes things smart, and easy and  smart is good. we can do our work easily and in less time also in smart way. IOT gives us a solution for daily routines problems.

Why IoT is important?

Everyone want to control life The internet of things helps people live and work smarter, as well as gain complete control over their lives

Smart Homes

One of the best and the most practical applications of IoT for daily uses in smart homes we can use IOT product like Camera, TV, Freeze, AC, Water Purifier, Speaker, Lamp and etc Products

Smart City

Internet of Things can solve the problem of people’s daily life, it can be easily with the problem of Traffic, street lights, Smart Meter and monitor with sanitation of city.

IOT  in Agriculture

In agriculture, IoT-based smart farming systems can help monitor,  instance, light, temperature, humidity and soil moisture of crop fields using connected sensors.

IOT in Healthcare

In healthcare remote examination, health monitoring like diabetes and heart rate monitoring as well as about fitness of health it also provide the early warning system.

Others sectors also use of internet of things like IOT use in Education, IOT use in Business, etc

Can IoT work without Internet?

A common thing is that Internet of Things devices can’t work without internet Yet, there is no simple answer for this question — it depends on the gadget’s and communication needs.

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